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Companies make investment for information Technologies in order to achieve superiority against their rivals on free market conditions in this era as the importance of information increases considerably each day, while having requirement for information that will take them to forward by realizing more data comparisons through the programs they use. As increasing the number of personnel required for providing the information causes a raise of expenses in terms of economy, companies tend towards mutual share of information on their systems created by companies giving service to them instead of personnel employment.

In this regard, Control Customs Consultancy is able to share any kind of information through methods like XML, Web Service, Excel, etc. regardless of platform on this subject as they saw and designed any kind of infrastructure studies related with sharing all information on electronic environment created with transactions made on behalf of companies. Our company makes studies with firms we currently give service on this subject and shares the information within their structure in accordance with 27001 (Information Security Certificate) standards.

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