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We work as we know that we are the key of each customer’s future, each customer is a key for our future. The biggest difference in our customer relations management is that our institutional memory is v integrated with technology. Our institutional knowledge standards have been established and they are developing . day by day.

Our information about our customer is fed with the information we gave to our customer continuously differen t from the other CRM employees.

Information shared with us during the operation provides us that we know our customer better. While we know our customer better, our service speed and quality increases, common risks decrease. When we met with a customer or a customer gives us an order, our institutional memory and CRM program starts to work. During all this process our customer information is renewed, enlarged and enriched. lt directs and sheds light for next services. Each customer is different for us. We know that each customer of us has a different institutional work sector, supplier; works, employees, and sector. We try to realize our services by knowing these differences. We follow each work, negotiation, communication with our customers; direct our employees under the supervision of our managers.

We inform and direct our employees related to our quality procedures about how and when and with whom everything shall be done in each phase of our services.

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